Filmed Briefing and Seminar Event with Veterans for Britain

Filmed Briefing and Seminar Event with Veterans for Britain

Veterans for Britain Briefing

Veterans for Britain campaign and lobby politicians on issues concerning the UK's Military and Intelligence capabilities. The group consists of retired senior military commanders, intelligence operatives and academics.

In 2019 we were asked to film an important briefing being held at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in London. The event was filmed with five camera angles enabling the footage to be edited in such a way as to make it as compelling as possible.

From the events of the day, we produced four videos of briefings (speeches) on different subjects, delivered by each of the senior members of the panel, and a series of Q and A clips, of which this is one.

Additionally we produced a fast-paced and intriguing 2 minute introduction viral video designed to draw the target audience's attention to the longer videos and Q and A clips. The viral intro video was extraordinarily successful. It was shared on Facebook and re-tweeted on Twitter many thousands of times and was seen by approximately 250,000 people. One of the longer briefing videos alone was viewed over 70,000 times. 

The overall result was an extraordinarily cost-effective campaign.


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