Trailer for an Explainer & Opinion Influencing Video

Trailer for an Explainer & Opinion Influencing Video

Brexenomics with Catherine McBride

Catherine McBride is an economist and financial analyst who worked for many of the world's leading banks and financial institutions before going on to become a senior economist at the IEA (Institute for Economic Affairs).

'Brexenomics' is a lengthy and detailed exploration of why Catherine believes that fears about the economic impacts of Brexit on the UK economy are overstated.

'Brexonomics' was produced to target media influencers in the mainstream media and to increase and enhance Catherine's profile with this target audience. It was hoped that it would generate more media opportunities for Catherine and therefore enable her to spread her thoughts and perspectives more widely.

Since the launch of 'Brexenomics' in January 2020, Catherine has, amongst other things, been invited to participate in programmes on LBC and BBC national radio, and has recently written her first published article for The Daily Telegraph.


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