Equestrian Services Social Media Ad'

Equestrian Promo Film

SL Equestrian, Australia

This two-minute promotional film was designed specifically for social media, enabling the client to very tightly target a local audience likely to be interested in the services offered.

Filming took place over 2 days and included drone shots of the equestrian facility, the client coaching a student and working with horses with another colleague. A comprehensive 1 hour interview was also filmed.

Following editing (3 days), this promo film was produced together with a series of 14 different short clips to be posted on social media over the following weeks and months - enabling the client to build a relationship with potential customers following her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. 

Additionally the client was provided with some professional looking Intro and Outro clips enabling her to capture clips of her students riding with her mobile phone and combine them with the Intro and Outro to make clips suitable for sharing on social media.

The promo video was extremely effective. Within just a few days of posting it on social media it was widely shared and the bookings flowed in.. to such an extent that the planned paid social media campaign was suspended - it simply wasn't needed in the short-term!


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